Embracing My Inner Jersey Girl

I realized this week that I went to Rutgers at a pivotal moment: The Sopranos was ending and Jersey Shore and Boardwalk Empire were a few months from starting up. Why all the interest in Jersey? It’s funny b/c famous NY-related folks are actually from New Jersey — Brian Williams and John Stewart (aka John Stuart Liebowitz) among my favorites.

Anyways, after I came back, I turned into an entirely different person: I honk my car horn now. I used to never, unless I was at risk of an accident (but since I drive like an old lady, that rarely happens). Now, I honk whenever I get cranky with a driver. Today I held out as long as I could. Driver slowing down on busy road because he obviously can’t remember where he’s supposed to turn? Paaaatience, Katie. Driver weaving a little bit and clearly looking down at his cell phone? Hold off, there, buckaroo.

Unfortunately, these drivers stayed ridiculous for just a half second too long, and I ended up honking at both of them. *sigh*

Undercutting the severity of the situation is the fact that I drive a Honda. Not a lot of juice to the honk. More like a cartoon robot honk.



One response to “Embracing My Inner Jersey Girl

  1. Whatever, I’m totally buying y0u a leopard print skirt and a Bumpit for Mismas. This means you’re ready for it 🙂

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