Does this make me a “big kid” now?

Since I lived with Martha I’ve gradually expanded my make up collection. I started out with the occasional bland eye shadows, and bought liner and mascara for special occasions.

Fast forward to today, and the shadow/liner/mascara is part of every single workday for me, and weekends when I’ll be seeing anyone socially. (I am not yet to the point where I need mascara to go to the grocery store.) I do own a foundation power and could “put on a face” if I have an interview.

My biggest issue of doubt has always been lip color. A traditional lip stick always seemed to harsh for me, but I didn’t like the sticky/Bratz look that lip glosses give. I worship cherry Chapstick, but that won’t cut it. I’ve rotated through a couple lip options lately, really enjoying one from The Body Shop that gave a little color, moisturized, and minimized the glitter quotient.

Of course, when I went to buy a new tube last week, I found it had been discontinued.

Bare Escentuals is my go-to brand for powdery options, so I gave it a chance for lip. And I ended up really, really liking this one. It’s an actual, real lip color. None of that junior high nonsense.

Does this make me a grown up? Or do I still need a regular job, husband, and house first?



One response to “Does this make me a “big kid” now?

  1. I’m not sure if it makes you a “big kid”, but it definitely shows you care about looking and feeling your best. Bravo.

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