Date Night-Defined

Before Jeff left for a week to tour the cattle of the Midwest, we had a “date night”.

Jeff and I can have very different views of what defines a date night.  Since Jeff was the one who initiated the “date” I let him decide where we would go. Jeff’s choice, The movie, Unstoppable*, and dinner at Olive Garden. Don’t get me wrong I had a great time.

My definition of a “date” can be very different. We would go to some new trendy place that I either found on Yelp, MPS Magazine or Minnesota Monthly. Then we would promptly find the nearest ice cream shop. In the summer it also included a walk around the nearest lake.

In my ever-growing will to explain to Jeff that the Olive Garden should not be reserved for special “Date Nights” Jeff is completely content with his “Tour of Italy”. I will never win.


*When Jeff and I went to see The Town, Jeff was practically drooling during the preview of the this movie.  

One response to “Date Night-Defined

  1. haha we are the opposite. Jon loves going to the trendy new places (and so do I), but I am totally satisfied with date night being pizza on the couch…as long as wine is involved.

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