Does this mean we have to change the blog name?

Well folks, it’s official. I’ll be spending 2011 in Fargo, North Dakota. It’s like, this whole other state? And I think it’s in a different timezone? Or Canada?

Most of you have heard all this already, but here’s the (extremely) truncated version: I’ve been in on again/off again contact with this place since March 2009 about working for them. It is the Fargo-Moorhead equivalent of the MetroCouncil, but with a focus exclusively on transportation issues. I will be the 7th staff member, including the administrative aide.

They need extra help because they are updating their two main transportation plans in 2011. This is exactly the kind of work I went to graduate school to do. Since they only need the help for the plans, it’s a temporary gig, and that’s a terrific way for me to get more experience without having to commit to a lifetime on the Tundra. I’m still a contractor, but we worked out a compensation package I can live with.

I start January 3, which means this holiday season will be 100% chaos. Plus, who wants to move in the dead of winter??

I’ve been over this so many times with my family and friends that I’m sure I left something out of this explanation. Feel free to ask more questions!

And no, we won’t be changing the blog name. But it deserves an asterisk, just like Barry Bonds. I plan on being in town every month, which gives me partial credit, right?



One response to “Does this mean we have to change the blog name?

  1. Wow – I had no idea. Congrats on the job – it seems like a great fit. I am thankful to hear you will be in town every month still. For book club???
    Much love,

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