Where am I, 1998?

I love Google Chrome, but one of the websites I go to has pop ups that make it through Chrome’s otherwise stellar defenses.

I’m used to washingtonpost.com having pop ups declaring “Your opinion matters!!” and wanting me to take a survey. Even though it’s obnoxious, it has a pseudo-classy look and isn’t very noticeable.

But the pop ups advertising screensavers are the worst. Really terrible GIF animals walking the same four steps over and over. Waterfalls made with two shades of blue. The internet has so much power and knowledge — who uses it to search for new screensavers?

Even worse, who uses screensavers at all? I thought everyone changed their power settings to turn off the monitor after periods of inactivity instead of displaying garish colors and photos.

I guess I’m feeling grumpy today.



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