One of those Days.

Since I work in customer service, I’m never really sure what will greet me on the other end of a phone call. Usually, people are nice and pleasant, but sometimes you get those people where you think, “I really hope we don’t get into a fight over marrow donation”. It truly is quite a mystery.

On days where every call I make seems to hit some’s angry bone, I like to explore online. A few days ago I found, Boutiques.  It is quite amazing. It is a Google run website which compiles every designer and piece of clothing imaginable. Once you log into the site you can take a style quiz which will then generate outfits to fit your style. You  can rate them and see other options at different prices. The website will even link you to the clothing site so you can purchase the item. I know it’s very similar to Shop Style, a site our friend, Kat, visits often.  Anyway, check it out. It may even take over as the new Facebook of time-wasting.



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