Non-traditional Thanksgiving

Well, boo. Apparently the device that I bought for $3 on eBay three years ago to transfer pictures from my memory card to my computer has putzed out on me. I took a bunch of photos, but I guess I’ll have to share them some other day.

Traveling over Thanksgiving could not have gone more smoothly. Neither of my flights had issues and Nick managed to avoid traffic on the way back up to northern Jersey, adding only 45 mins to the regular time (seriously, this is a big deal).

Our experience was also flawless. The house was one of those spacious DC townhomes just to the east of Capitol Hill and Union Station. It had three bedrooms, but was owned by a single woman, who said she has guests about 2/3 of the time. The place was lovely and comfortable and clean, with a queen sized bed.

The weather was decent, albeit overcast and windy with a bit of a chill during our Baltimore excursion. Regardless of the weather, we did a lot of walking. The Capitol East neighborhood, to the Washington Monument and back, around Georgetown, three different Baltimore neighborhoods, a few museums, and other places I can’t remember just now.

Anyways, the issue of How To Have A Thanksgiving In Someone Else’s Kitchen was just as non-stressful as everything else about the weekend. Our hostess was around for a few hours before leaving for her own friend’s dinner, so we asked about some kitchen utensils, but otherwise had free reign over the kitchen. We cooked lemon chicken, bread rolls, cranberry dressing, carrots glazed in brown sugar, and a salad of mixed greens with goat cheese, pecans, and dried cranberries (topped with balsamic vinagrette). Nick had gone to the grocery store before picking me up at BWI and also got some pre-made pastry bars, pumpkin and raspberry, for dessert. Nick did forget to buy the Uncle Ben’s wild rice, but otherwise everything went perfectly. For a non-traditional Thanksgiving, I think it went very well.

I could go on, but that’d be boring.



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