The one reason I’m glad to move

I know I’ve complained about one of my roommates and her inability to properly wash dishes. But the bigger issue is that she doesn’t keep track of bills well. Her name is on our gas and electric bills, and posts them to the fridge for us to contribute to…  if she remembers. One day our Sept and Oct electric bills showed up, and Sept was an astronomically high amount. More than triple Oct. I tried calling the company, but since my name was not on the bill they could not discuss it with me. Today we found out they were close to cutting off our power. GRR. Dude, get it resolved. The three of us have very different schedules — we can’t all talk about it over dinner. Take responsibility for yourself (it’s your name on the bill) and others (potentially killing power to two others).

The new roommate will certainly have her flaws, but they should be better than dishes and bill paying, right?



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