Quilting: The part where you find out what you did wrong

After creating the blocks, you put them all together.

First, you sew them together in strips.

When sewing these blocks together, you absolutely must make sure the points in the center squares line up with each other. This ensures uniformity and keeps the quilt from looking crooked. This becomes even more important when you sew the longer horizontal strips together — instead of just lining up the points in the squares, you need to make sure the outer triangles (cream/periwinkle) line up. (sorry for the horrible photos)

Not lined up right:

Perfectly attached:

Now that everything is squared away, you add borders. I admit that I totally wussed out on doing a real border; instead I just did a 4″ followed by a 7″ in the main colors.

(There is a very long story about why the top border is not attached. Don’t ask — it’s traumatic.)

And quite possibly the most tedious part is clipping off all the loose threads in the back of the quilt top. My mom taught me from a very young age the importance of making the back of the project (quilting, cross stitch, anything) as tidy as the front. The back — seams pressed open, threads trimmed.

Whew! Now, once the last border piece is on, I can pin together the backing and batting, and finally quilt the darn thing!



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