One of life’s greatest frustrations

Finding a good pair of jeans is incredibly difficult. That’s why I generally don’t care if it’s on sale or not — I buy them so infrequently that they are worth whatever price is on them. Plus, being a size tall sucks. None of the cute styles ever come in size tall, and some of my favorite stores (J. Crew) don’t carry tall in any stores, forcing you to buy online and then see if they look okay on you.

I currently have two pairs of jeans that I feel comfortable wearing to work on Friday’s, and two more that I wear on Saturday’s, plus a pair of skinny jeans. One of my work pair and one of my Saturday pair are about to be put out of commission. But can I toss them in good conscience knowing that there isn’t a replacement at the ready? Furthermore, December is always a rough month for my credit card, and this December is extra special (yeay, moving expenses! snowpants purchases! car repair!), and do I want to add more pain with a trip to the mall?

In other news, my brother has graciously offered to help me move the first load up to Fargo this weekend. Yeay! We’ll see what kind of psychological state I’m in after seeing the new apt/city/roommate.



One response to “One of life’s greatest frustrations

  1. completely agree. Try finding cute jeans that fit in short with room in the booty. They don’t exist.

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