No Coast–Where was the Sand?

Katie* and I ventured in the snow and slow traffic to attend No Coast: Craft-o-Rama. To sum up the vendors I would say, “completely adorable”. I wish I had cute chic toddler to dress. Every vendor seemed to have the cutest onesies and plush animals. Besides the fact that Katie* and I were not in this market, we still managed to pull out a success story.

I finished Christmas shopping for my always hard to buy for brother. Adam Turman came to the rescue with a great print of Target Field.

I’ve also been craving an apron since I discovered that flour and I are complete frenemies. I took advantage of the great deal that Crafty Planet had on Amy Bulter fabric. Now I just need to enter ribbon and my Mom’s sewing machine and I should be set. Two aprons for the price of one.

Yes, those are the most adorable bunnies ever.

Other things we loved on: Campfire for their t-shirts, Jeanne McGee for her cute lampshades, and Pilot Designs for their very modern clocks.


I am totally obsessed with Adam Turman. I already own three of his prints. They are screen printed, not laser inkjet or whatever the heck people sell commercially. I resisted buying another one (…or two) that I really liked.

Two major successes: First was getting something for Nick’s parents. They definitely have a lot of stuff, and I don’t want to contribute to all the clutter. After getting the okay from Nick I got six floral/glass fridge magnets from Kendell Victoria (Etsy shop not up yet). I thought about soap (there were several vendors) but decided that was too close to the scented candle I got them last year. It was a nice scented candle, really.

Second success was a necklace for myself. I really, really can’t go to one of these events and NOT buy something for myself. (See: St. Paul Art Crawl, Northrup King Art Attack, etc etc.) Originally I was tempted by the map-themed pendants at Lefthand Originals, but instead found a token from the older Minneapolis St. Paul Transit Authority that was used to pay fare on trolleys and buses. How cool is that?! Naturally, Nick made a snarky comment about “flair” but acknowledged it had it’s place. Darn right it does.

Owls and mustaches were a common theme. I also loved the stationary vendors. I almost got this calendar, and one of these days I will stop changing cities long enough to feel comfortable starting a collection of ceramics. I really really like their stuff.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I just got notice from the online vendor that my memory card reader has been delayed in shipping. Sigh.



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