Consequences of the de-friend

Every once in a while I do a friend purge on Facebook. Generally these are people that I met once and haven’t seen since (ie sweetheart competition), or people who I generally think are interesting but don’t talk to personally (people who travel a lot or other good stories). After a period of adding nearly everyone I went to high school with, I’ve removed most of them.

Last week I got rid of another 40, and already someone has re-requested to be friends. Augh. It was probably a bad idea to de-friend in the first place — we went to grad school together, and even though we had different degrees and therefore no classes together,  it was somewhat recent so I should not have removed him so quickly. Meh. I’ll add him back, but expect to remove him in the next two years again.



One response to “Consequences of the de-friend

  1. When I friend-purged, the exact same thing happened. I was not pleased.

    Just say no, girl.

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