No guarantees on the character count:

grr @ Dell customer service. I’ve been transferred several times and spoken with very polite Indians, but they still sent me the wrong part. Not cost efficient to send it back.

grr @ cell phone battery that dies too quickly.

grr @ media card reader distributer in Hong Kong for not being able to meet my needs

grr @ media card reader from Best Buy that does not seem to be compatible with my camera’s stick

grr @ JoAnn Fabric customer service. Not a single person relayed my issue properly.

grr @ student loan servicing customer service. On hold for 30 minutes before I gave up and left a message.

(my “trending topics” seem to be customer service and technology, eh?)

Surprisingly helpful? The Moorhead wireless provider’s chat service.

Hoping that a replacement roommate can be found this week.

I had a dinner of two pieces of fruit and two pieces of chocolate. That’s fair, right?

According to Yelp, the Fargo Applebee’s gets 5 stars.

Cancelling my autopay yoga membership was sad.

Despite everything, this holiday season should be pretty darn good!



One response to “Twitter-esque

  1. I have yet to visit a Joann Fabric with good customer service. What’s that about?

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