Things I will miss

I’ve started and trashed several blog drafts,  mostly due to a caffeine crash on Thursday that pretty much removed whatever coherency I had. Therefore, another listicle, this time of things I’ll miss when I move next month. (omitting the obvious, like “family” and “friends”)

– Having Pizza Luce, a Thai place, and a co-op in walking distance.

– Heck, having a Cub in (further) walking distance.

– Working with a bunch of folks I know and like.

– Working in an institution that I’m familiar with (yes, including all the paperwork nonsense that is so tedious and pointless).

– Separated bike trails.

– Having an easy bus ride to work, or easy light rail trip to the airport.

– Despite all the complaining I’ve done about how “unstable” my life has been over the past year+, I will miss the stability of knowing my city, knowing people to do stuff with, knowing what to expect from my neighborhood, and knowing how to get myself out of whatever jam I got myself into.

Of course, there are things I’m looking forward to about the new city/job/life experience. Those will probably be in another post.



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