A Daytime Crush

A few days a week I’m able to enjoy the joys of daytime television. I’m pretty sure I would go insane if it were not for the 3-hour Today Show, What Not to Wear, and my new favorite, The Nate Show.

It’s true I’m in love with Nate Berkus. The best part? His show is actually on twice. So every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I sit down to learn all of Nate’s tips and tricks. He is so amazing. Yes, I do know he is openly gay.

One of my favorite segments is where Nate and his crew “break in” to a house at night and complete a room makeover. I find this a little creepy, but what would be better than waking up having your house completely remodeled, organized, and Nate in your living room? Okay, now I sound obsessive.

Anyway, if you are ever home around 8am CST or 10am CST check out The Nate Show…it may change your life.  



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