Discovering family as people

Thanks to geography and age, I was never total bffs with any of my cousins. I have none on my dad’s side, and my mom’s siblings live in New Ulm and Hastings. Not that far away, true, but for whatever reason we never really saw each other.

Now all of us are firmly in the “adult” category. We’ve all run the gamut of young adult situations (college, no college, married, divorced, engaged — although no kids yet!) and have developed our own belief systems and preferences as individuals.  Which means that now when we gather as a family, I can finally discover who these people are.

Generally, they are incredibly friendly and outgoing people. Being much younger and less comfortable in groups, I never got to know them at all. But over the past couple of years we’ve gradually gotten a little better at it. We can talk about work and where we’ve lived (NJ, ID, WI, OR, WA, MD) and compare and actually learn from each other. Given how much I tend to stay in my own “bubble” it’s nice to learn something new.

The bonus this year is that two of them are currently engaged, and bringing their future spouses to Christmas at the farm. This will also be Nick’s first year at the farm, and there is the potential for another cousin to bring her boyfriend (the final cousin apparently has a boyfriend, but since she doesn’t arrive at the farm until 6pm and manages to say all of 36 words all night, I know even LESS about her). How exciting! Even more people to meet! I’ll really have to take advantage and have some great conversations in person while I can — one of them lives in OR and the other is moving back out to WA. (So much for just being in Hastings, eh?)



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