If you haven’t discovered that Rotten Tomatoes  is the best website for movie reviews, you’ve now been informed.

Recently, while browsing for Netflix ideas, I found Restrepo. The movie was given 97% Red Tomato. That’s a good thing.

Anyway, I was pretty intrigued and added to my Queue. Restrepo is about a platoon based in Korangal Valley in Afghanistan (deemed the “Valley of Death”). It is a raw documentary about their deployment. Even though there is a war currently happening, this movie gives a great reminder of service that our soldiers do. It is a great story about their relationships and hardships.

Restrepo brings every war movie to life. It is a real band of brothers. I highly recommend this movie. -Kelly


One response to “Restrepo

  1. I lost all faith in Rotten Tomatoes when they gave Adventureland an 89, and it was terrible…maybe it was a fluke. This one sounds interesting though. You’ve been through the AMC 100, now onto a new list? Top 50 best documentaries?

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