Mini winter break

As I write this, it’s Monday night. I’ve been at my parents’ house since Thursday night, having a bit of a “I’m still in high school and this is my winter break” experience. This is the longest period of time I’ve been at their house since July-August 2008, between graduation and moving in with Nick.

I was already going to be in Minnetonka anyways on Saturday afternoon to take a family photo for the church directory. Then my mom suggested that while I was around, I help her put up the Christmas decorations. Then the snow prediction started and it was suggested I stick around overnight. And THEN I ran into more apartment problems and decided to show up early and brought a suitcase worth of stuff to survive.

Also, on Thursday my mom informed me she had a cold, so Stay Away. I did, took two packets of Emergen-C and one Vitamin C pill, and still managed to get sick. I’ve been chugging tea like a champ and moaning loudly in my pain and soreness.

So here  I am, hanging around like a bum, in the Purgatory of my life before the Fargo chapter begins. Thrilling!



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