The most personal of personal grooming devices

I have a significant issue with tweezers. Each one is so different! Angled edge, thick ends, thin, long prongs, brushed metal… many options. Switching tweezers is difficult because each one selects objects differently.

By lousy chance, both my parents passed along rather unfortunate eyebrow traits. Super curly, thick, but sparse. Obnoxious to maintain. In my rush to get out of my apartment on Thursday night, I forgot to pack my regular pair of tweezers, and had to make due with ones at the house in Minnetonka. There were three pairs to choose from, and every time I tried using one, it felt like I was controlling one of those robotic arms at the arcade (you know, the one where you’re supposed to pick out a stuffed animal but it NEVER WORKS). I was the Terminator, or a Bord, or Cylon (yes, I’m a nerd), unable to use my new appendage. Such a weird feeling of not being able to do what you can normally do.

Yes, you can tell how bored I’ve been cooped up for several days. Hopefully I’m back to some normalcy — at least for one more week.



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