Since I still don’t have a working memory card thingy, I can’t upload a photo of it, so I might as well post it now.

New car! I didn’t think I’d be this excited. I was just hoping to get something that would get me around town. The old Honda has been great — I just needed something with a lower likelihood of breaking down. My parents, however, are afraid that I am at risk of getting blown off I-94 when I come to visit. Something bulky, with a good engine. Well, okay, fine, whatever.

I am not a huge car person. I don’t understand the insides and don’t have an appreciation for the art and science that goes into making them. But the test drive of my new car felt so great. I actually *enjoyed* driving it. What a weird feeling! And even though it’s definitely bigger than my old one, it didn’t feel too big (like a Buick, gag) to get around in.

It’s a 2008 Honda Accord, but it is worlds apart from my old one. Nothing in common at all. Some of the great things about it:

– the defrost will work

-the air conditioning will work

– the engine does not make struggling noises when you accelerate onto the highway

I am glad that I got a new one before the old one died — the complete engine failure of the Red Rocket on I-35 was very scary!

Also, I’m taking suggestions on names! I’ve driven the Shake ‘n Bake, Red Rocket, and Honda. You can Google image search (it’s a metallic beige color) and let me know if you have good ideas!

Unfortunately, not all is sunshine and roses in the pre-Christmas-and-pre-moving cycle. I thought I had found a replacement for my lease, but maybe not?? Roommate drama!



One response to “…a new CAAAAAAAAR!

  1. Ah so exited for you Kaite!!!! That is a wonderful car!
    Much love,

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