When a gift is too good to give

My mom’s side of the family does a Yankee Swap/White Elephant* every year. We did a few years of random stuff, mostly from the Target $1 bin, but last year we said it had to be a game of some sort. That went over pretty well, and this year the theme is “tools.” This is a pretty broad umbrella for anything super useful. Not just “tool tools” but kitchen tools, cleaning tools, etc.

I went to Corazon (similar to Bibelot or Patina) and picked out my two gifts (I’m covering for Nick as well). This pizza cutter (but in the much better looking red color) and these measuring spoons (the back pattern is that of the Russian nesting dolls, which doesn’t show up well in the photo). Cute, right??

Too cute, in fact! I really don’t want to give them away!

(Yes, I know I use parenthesis too much!)


* I originally thought “White Elephant” referred to a gift exchange of lousy gifts — something used, impractical, or obviously horrible. Recently though I’ve read it in contexts where it refers to perfectly generic gifts like a new coffee mug with a gift card to Starbucks. Is there some sort of standard?


2 responses to “When a gift is too good to give

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  2. haha I liked this post. For one thing, I use the ellipses too much. BUT I love the em…phasis it gives each sentence. I frequently find myself deleting them out of sentences in annoyance with myself.
    Also, keep the gifts and give something crappier! That’s what’s in the true Christmas spirit.

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