The Holidays Continue

I’m so sorry for all the poor souls that are working today. Riley, Jeff (I’m surprised too), and I have enjoyed the day relaxing at home. Jeff and I will be celebrating “Kelly and Jeff Christmas” this evening. Hopefully Jeff is able to finally finish his shopping. We are going to Porterhouse Steak and Seafood.

The holidays with the families was a nice little escape. We slept in, ate chocolate all day, played in the snow with the puppy, saw both versions of True Grit, and I actually played real Scrabble (not WordFeud). In light of Katie* last post, I actually rigged a way to get my white elephant gift back. I bought a small cockpot, perfect for dips. I really wanted this, so I used Jeff. I also received a rice cooker from my brother, so now I really have no excuse not to make Indian food.

Riley hauled in the squeaky toys this Christmas: Two ducks, a goose, and a hedge hog. He has been very busy playing with his new toys and “cousins”, and very tired at night (the best present of all).

Jeff was quite happy with the Gopher Hockey tickets I slipped in his stocking. He has been loving the grill tools he received from my parents and now we can master grilled pizza.

We still have one more “Christmas” to enjoy since my brother Justin was visiting Danielle’s family in Chicago. But in terms of holiday leftovers, I think we are set I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! If you want Christmas treats, please come visit.


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