The Riley Files

We’ve now had Riley for about 2 weeks. He has filled our lives with excitement and since he didn’t come with a money-back guarantee we will not be returning him.  🙂

Here is a list of Riley’s favorite things.

  • Riley is his own personal dog walker. Okay, not really but wouldn’t that be great. We bought a leash with a double loop and Riley loves holding the bottom loop in his mouth while he walks.
  • Riley loves taking his time when he needs to go to the bathroom. The average trip outdoors is about 15 minutes. I’m not sure why he waits because he whines until he finally goes. It doesn’t make sense and that’s why it’s so cute.
  • He loves running up the stairs. It’s so cute to see his cute wormy body running up the stairs.
  • When he gets tired he loves to snuggle and find the most cozy spot.
  • He loves my Theta tie-blanket. He is Theta Loyal.
  • Riley loves his squeaky toys. He finally has mastered squeaking them himself.

Since Riley is  a little stinky rascal it is so hard to get pictures. I wish I could share his cuteness with all of you. It’s a good thing the Nate Berkus Show  is giving out tips to take pictures of your pets today.


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