Uncommon spelling

You know how folks have bad habits that they can’t get over? I know I have plenty. Once something is a pattern, it’s stuck, and takes a lot of energy to change again.

My mom has a habit of misspelling Nick’s name. Yes, Nick.

She has decided to always spell it “Nic,” which always reminds me of Dr. Nic on The Simpson’s, which is definitely not representative of my Nick. I’ve sent plenty of emails with the correct spelling, and she still manages to misspell it in both emails and texts. I guess I should get used to it, since I hate to be the one telling her every time she does it incorrectly.

Side note:  I am craving mixing bowls in fabulous colors to counteract the dreary mid-winter ND sky!




One response to “Uncommon spelling

  1. Thanks for the ping back!
    Hello everybody, I’m Dr. Nic!

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