Likely the first of several car-related posts

I’ve been spending a lot of quality time in the car lately — 1300 miles in the last 7 days. That has given me plenty of time to reflect on automobiles and the way people drive.

Is anyone else thrown off the speedometer? First of all, why do they tell you that you can go 100+ mph in your car? You will never, ever go that fast. I once was going to a wedding in rural South Dakota with my boyfriend at the time, and he wanted to show off going 100 mph when he found a good stretch of abandoned road. He barely hit it, and immediately pulled off. But my mom’s minivan’s speedometer says she can go 110 mph. No one with a 2005 Toyota minivan will ever go 110 mph. Guaranteed. My new car supposedly can go 160 mph. 160! Unreal. Never gonna happen. Why even try?

Where it gets confusing for me is the apex of the speedometer, the crest of the circle shape it makes. On my mom’s minivan, the crest is at 55 mph. Totally reasonable! 55 is a midline that almost everyone can live with. But my Honda, on the other hand, has a midline of 75 mph. NOoooo… It may lure me into a false sense of “yep, I’m going about the right speed” when in fact 75 is only the right speed for I-94 between Mpls and Fargo. That’ll get you a ticket in the Cities.

Anyways… I made it up here okay, and have found space for a bunch of my stuff already. My roommate appears to be very clean (and perhaps vegetarian, and likely not a very frequent cook) and was very nice about having plenty of shelves cleaned out for my use. I went from a cramped and dirty apt (which, I’ll admit, had some character) with inconsiderate roommates to a clean and spacious (and way too generic) apt with a roommate who is off to the right start! First day of work tomorrow.



One response to “Likely the first of several car-related posts

  1. I totally agree with you on the speedometer thing!! Dangerous

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