Sticker Shock

Unlike Mads, I’ve never had a strict grocery budget. I have a general window that I try to aim for each month, but since I don’t try too hard with my meals, it’s not a huge concern of mine. Today though… I’m embarrassed by how much I bought.

Some of my basics are still in Mtka waiting for my last load. Also, I left a fair amount of my foodstuffs behind in Mpls by accident, so in addition to meal planning, I had to buy some basics (PAM, white flour, etc). Also, I made the mistake of buying some kind of expensive things I didn’t need (but it’s my favorite jam and it’s made in EdenPrairie and I didn’t think it would be up here so I had to had to buy it!).

The good news, though, is that I now have massive amounts of food, for both dinner and lunch. A review:

– pad thai fixings

– materials for oatmeal scones

– materials for Nutella loaf

– almost everything for chili

– gnocchi and pesto (sadly, store bought)

– black bean burger fixings

– feta/cucumber/hummus rolls

– tortillas for quesadillas (and hot salsa)

And, in a late-breaking Christmas Miracle, I finally found almond paste! I bought pine nuts several weeks ago, but couldn’t find the other essential ingredient to make cookies with them. I am really excited to get to baking!



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