Triple threat

Once again, I ended up reading three books at once. But instead of happening right before a move, it happened right after, so it’s not so terrible.

1) Personal History, by Katharine Graham. Basically my role model. She had a fabulous life and describes all the famous people she knew, while also writing honestly about her husband’s manic-depression which led to his suicide. It’s an incredible book (and Pulitzer prize winning) which I continue to re-read.

2) The Diary of Mattie Spenser, by Sandra Dallas. Our next book club book, it’s quick and easy to read. I got it at the library up here, which is only two blocks from my apt.

3) The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club, by Gil McNeil. Not sure how I feel about this one yet. Seems way too formulaic and cliche, and every reason why I hate fiction. But I’ll give it a shot anyways.

And no, I am not so dedicated a blogger as to pull up jpg pictures of the book covers to share with you.



One response to “Triple threat

  1. Katharine Graham is basically Our Leader. So fascinating.

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