Some progress to report

Well, it was inevitable. Despite getting so much quilting done in the first two weeks of the project, my Thanksgiing-or-Christmas-at-the-LATEST deadline was quite the joke. I blame the long move to Fargo. And JoAnn for not shipping my purple fabric the first time.

The good news is, I finally finished up both the top and backing last night, which means the next step is assembling the three parts together. I will wait until next weekend in Minnetonka to do that, since it involves about 100 safety pins that my mom has. (I will take pictures, but I still don’t have a memory card reader, boo.)

In other quilting news, I went out for some errands yesterday and stopped at two quilting stores. The first store was in South Fargo and definitely had the best collection of fabric and patterns. They are having a two day class on how to properly machine quilt (on a regular machine, not long arm or computerized), but the first day is during normal business hours. Boo. The second store, however, is closer to my apt and has two interesting classes coming up: a binding class (which I really need, but is typically included as part of a “Intro to Quilting” class, which I am too advanced for) and a table runner pattern class, which I would also enjoy. Finally, this second store also has a Block Of The Month that I think I’ll enjoy. It’s quite the commitment, but I think it’s a great way to keep me going! Both stores have general sewing group events, where you just bring a dish to share and your projects and sew all night. I hope to attend a few of those as well.

I have sent emails to a couple of organizations, asking to volunteer for them. So far I’ve heard back from Prairie Public, which runs the public TV and radio stations. I also got on the Fargo Theta alum listserv and will be attending their Founders Day celebration on Feb 5. I thought that the only Theta collegiate chapter was a UND, but there is one at NDSU! Hopefully that means  more ways to get involved.



One response to “Some progress to report

  1. I was just reading another blog where the woman was participating in a Civil War-era block of the month club and each block will be from a quilt that was on the Underground Railroad. Crazy, right? Good luck!

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