Pain, pain, go away…

It was a day of firsts: first trip to the ER, first IV, first xray…

Woke up Monday and showered. As I was getting dressed I felt a massive pain in my lower back. I tried stretching it out a bit, but it still hurt, and continued to get worse. I had planned on walking to work, but decided a car would be easier on my body.

At work, I had a hard time walking and standing up straight. (It also hurt to sit down.) After two hours of trying to be brave, I sucked up my pride and drove myself to the ER. After ruling out more serious conditions (kidney stones, problems with my spine, etc) they decided it would be best if I was just drugged up to get away from the pain.

The nurse was very nice, about my age. But she asked the worst question, “Do you have someone to give you a ride home?” The IV would make me drowsy and incapable of driving. That perfectly innocent question made me cry, since I’m new to town and all. So I had to call my office and ask not only for someone to drive me home, but for a second person to drive my car home as well. I felt horrible asking for these favors.

I spent Monday pretty well doped up. I went in to work yesterday at noon but only lasted 3.5 hours. But today I got through the whole day and can feel definite improvement.

On the plus side, my boss ordered a better desk and chair for me. Will try yoga tomorrow night. Hoping for the best!



3 responses to “Pain, pain, go away…

  1. Oh my goodness! What happened to you??? That sounds terrible. I’m glad your work people were so understanding.
    Also, I can’t believe you are in Fargo? How are things going there?

  2. Aww I’m sorry! That has to be scary-did you find out what the pain was from?

    Hope Fargo is going well otherwise!

  3. Oh my god…horror. I hope you feel better soon – I can’t imagine what that must have been like. Keeping you in my thoughts!

    Separately, agree on the yoga-thing. It does good things for the weird little muscles that we would otherwise never notice.

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