An Old Lady Workout

My work offers a Strength Training class. Since a co-worker/friend wasn’t taking the class again and I could use her equipment I decided to join this go-round.

The instructor has to be in her late 60’s and a total hippie. She is quiet the trip, actually.  But besides the re-mix 80’s music the workout had nothing to do with being old at all. This old lady kicked my B-U-T-T.  Granted, this was the first session and she mentioned how the veterans in the class improved so much from their first times. I have room to grow, but right now I can barely walk up the stairs. My old lady instructor turned me into an old lady. I do not like.

Peace. Love. and Muscle Strain. -Kelly.


One response to “An Old Lady Workout

  1. Ahahaha. I just love this. Definitely share more about the instructor. I have a feeling that laughing on the floor could be in our future.

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