A very artsy day

I am beginning to think that Fargo knows the most about driving in snow. If that’s one skill I develop up there, I’ll call the year a success. The roads and drivers were perfectly FINE until St. Cloud. Blerg.

So I made it back down here, and have been going pretty non-stop ever since. First up: laying out the quilt, pinning, and tying. (I have pics on my parents’ camera that will hopefully be sent to me soon.) Then, my mom mentioned she wanted to make some cute crafty things for the upcoming church fundraiser (really, how folksy/midwestern is that sentence?) and she wanted to go to Hancock. I convinced her that all the cute stuff is at Crafty Planet. It’s true.  (It’s also much more expensive.) She definitely stays in her suburban bubble, so I’m happy to get her to Northeast whenever possible. The store was, as always, fabulous, and we found some things for her to work on, and some inspiration for my next project (yes, Kat, I’m coming for you next!).

As we were leaving, she mentioned she had heard about a store selling crafty items in NE, and I remembered I Like You, which I had tried to go to once but it was closed. To be honest, it had a bunch of stuff I remembered from Art Attack and No Coast, so it wasn’t all new, but it is a must-see for folks who aren’t “in” on the Twin Cities scene.

Then as we were leaving that store, I remembered that there is a store devoted exclusively to knitting behind the NE Lund’s. It was incredibly expensive merchandise, but very thoughtfully done. It’s the kind of place you go once you know what you’re doing. I was very surprised that she focused on knitting when crocheting is so similar. I didn’t see a single crochet hook or pattern book in the whole place. Seems to me the overlap is would be natural.

We went home to relax for  a little bit, and have the annual “Celebrate Mom’s Birthday By Not Having Her Cook And Instead Order Chinese” which is the only day of the year we get take out food. It was tasty, but we had to be out the door again to get to our pottery class.

Last year I gave up on getting my mom “stuff” for her birthday. It’s right after Christmas, she had a hard enough time putting together a Christmas list, AND she’s old enough so that she has everything she needs or wants. My solution last year was to go to a floor loom weaving class, where we made scarves. This year we went to the Northern Clay Center, conveniently located in the Seward neighborhood, for a pottery class.

I got my ass kicked. I was terrible. Even though I had worked on a wheel before, it was when I was in 9th grade. I needed four solid attempts to make anything passable, and never got anywhere close to the design I had in my mind when I started. Next year, I will gladly buy something at No Coast instead! My mom did a much better job, and got very creative with the glazing afterwards. (We can pick them up in a few weeks — there will be pictures posted.) I made a plate and bowl.

The great thing about these classes is that, even if you can’t pick up the skill, it gives you such a appreciation for the people that do the work. I love Art Attack and No Coast, and classes like this help me put their effort and skill into perspective. We decided that next year will be truffle-making or cake decorating.

Sidenote: My back is almost back to normal now, but it was tough going for a couple of days. The diagnosis was simply “lower back strain” which is kind of a bummer, since it might return at any time. After reading your comments, I realized I was so drugged out while writing the last post, I never mentioned what was wrong!

This post is brought to you by the punctuation: parenthesis.


…wow, that was a long post.


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