Golden Globes

Everyone knows I’m a huge movie watcher so I am super excited about the Golden Globes tonight. My choices for some of the winners: Inception (Best Drama), The Kids are All Right (Best Comedy or Musical), Colin Firth (Best Actor-Drama), and Toy Story 3 (Best-Animated). So I haven’t actually seen all of the movies up for awards tonight because I’m cheap and love my loyal Netflix. My predictions have been made from what I’ve heard and from what I have actually watched. I guess if I’m way off you Monday readers can have a good laugh.

My TV predictions are a little different, I have watched most of these shows, but I also have a good understanding of what’s good even if I don’t watch the show. Mad Men (Best Drama), Modern Family (Best Comedy), Steve Carell (Best Actor-Comedy), Julianna Margulies (Best Actress-Drama), and The Pacific (Best Mini Series).

My goals for the 2011 Golden Globes: 1) Add the Best Foreign Language Film to Netflix. 2) Start watching whatever show the actress for best drama wins– I’m really lacking in this area.

Now, where did I put my red carpet?


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