It’s always been known that I’m a dork

This Friday I will attend my first “quilting circle”-type event. The place requests that you call in and sign up. When I called today, I was the 12th person — and they only take 13, after which point they actually create a waiting list. Knowing it is so in demand makes me more excited to go, haha.

If you are really bored, here is the link to the Block of the Month I’ll be doing — it’s the red/blue batik color selection (easier to see the interior blocks), but the other page gives an idea of what the finished project looks like (even if the inside blocks are less distinguishable). There are 12 block types, and you make two of each, alternating the red and cream pieces.

Just truckin’ along here. Still in need of a nightstand, but otherwise, completely moved in. Also, I walked to work today with a temp of -17. The wind chill was -33. And they upped the flood prediction. I thought my boss was joking when he said I might want to rent a place in Fargo for a couple of days so I could still make it to work. Now I think he’s serious.



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