Jeff or Riley

I was recently asked who I liked more Jeff or Riley. I’ve decided this might be fun.

  • Jeff doesn’t whine when he needs to use the bathroom.
  • Riley is very easy to entertain. A few squeaky toys will do.
  • Riley doesn’t grill delicious meals…and he doesn’t do the dishes.
  • Jeff doesn’t wake you during the night.
  • Riley only prefers dog food. Jeff is a little more complex.
  • Jeff takes up what could be more closet space for me.
  • Riley is much easier to cuddle with on the couch.
  • I will not need to ask Riley about how his Master’s Thesis is coming.
  • Riley and I can’t enjoy date nights.
  • Jeff will allow me time to relax, read, and watch TV. Riley is a constant attention seeker.

We recently signed Riley up for “Tweener” Classes with the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club. My little puppy is growing up. A “Tweener”, really? Soon he will be listening to KDWB and wanting to join Facebook.

Breaking News: Riley just jumped on the couch with no assistance…oh crap.


One response to “Jeff or Riley

  1. oh jumping on the couch is a tricky thing, especially when I like to eat dinner on the couch. Not cool.
    Josie has grown into the “Tween” phase of “I’m not gonna listen to you even though I know exactly what you want.”
    Puppies are fun!

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