Learn something new this weekend

I’ve always been much more interested in domestic politics as opposed to foreign affairs. But I thought these two articles about Turkey were so interesting. I just had to share.

First, the heavy stuff. The NYT Magazine has a great report this week on the mastermind of Turkey’s foreign affairs policies. It’s lengthy, but gives you a terrific appreciation for just how complicated issues in the Middle East are, and how perceived slights are taken so seriously by diplomats and administrations. It’s an entirely new perspective I wasn’t previously familiar with.

Second, Jezebel covered the decision of Elle Turkey to put a photo spread in some ruins from 1064 AD. Problem is, the location is still a sore spot for ethnic minorities, and a symbol of wrongdoings for just about 1000 years now. And considering most of the staffers and models for the shoot were likely Turkish (or at the very least, not members of the groups that still harbor resentments), it seems doubly insensitive. The one argument I find persuasive in favor of the shoot is that it may call attention to the fact that the ruins are on the list of highly endangered historical sites, currently existing without any protection at all.

I’m off to go cross country skiing! Have to get in shape before Nick gets here (3 weeks!).



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