When Life Happens

Sorry I’ve been totally lame and haven’t posted in for-ev-er. When a girl can’t keep up with Google Reader, how do you expect her to blog? Riley and I start puppy classes tomorrow, so if I wasn’t already busy-I went ahead and took care of that.  Hopefully the class will provide some entertainment, aka, blogging material.

Katie B was in town this weekend. On Friday we went to Toby Keith’s where Ems wore a cable knit sweater and pearls. I love you dearly, Emily, but we will work on this. Saturday, we took advantage of the heat wave to visit the arboretum with Ems and Jenna. I dare you to make the winter trek.


3 responses to “When Life Happens

  1. Awww it sounds like you had a fun weekend with the girls!

  2. Just because I wasn’t wearing a K102 tee doesn’t mean I didn’t fit in…

  3. hahaha oh emily

    Are you doing puppy classes at PetSmart?
    I don’t know if Josie learned anything, but it was worth the $100 just to have 8 Sundays where Josie was tuckered out for 5 hours of the day. Magnificent.

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