One Space to Another

The strength training is going well. I no longer feel like my legs are going to fall off afterwards. As part of the class there is a meditation portion at the end. This allows the instructor to describe a peaceful setting as we lay still on our mats with the lights off. If the time were any longer I’m sure I’d fall asleep.

It’s obviously my favorite part. The first week she wanted us to imagine we were floating on a river with the clouds and trees overhead–I envisioned Deliverance–not okay. In the second week we were flying on the back of an eagle in the middle of the night over a perfect blanket of snow–I wanted to know how cold I would be–not okay. In the third week we were sitting in the desert at night when all the animals come out–what?! are snakes included?.

I try every week to take the meditation seriously, but it’s hard when I’m laying in a conference room and a hippy is telling me, “as you move from one space to another remember this…” and then there is some moral of the story. Maybe today we will be on a white sandy beach, because that’s something I can take seriously.


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