Blogging like it’s my job

I’m not actually being paid, but you should still follow the Fargo Forum’s blog on this year’s flood.

I traded emails with Em today and she brought up two things I should share with everyone:

1) What did you do with your friends this weekend? I’d rather have folks come up and visit to experience it for themselves! A corny answer, but we went to the main (read: only) tourist attraction in town. You can read about it on Wikipedia, sure, or you can COME VISIT ME and see it for yourself. 😀 (It was actually pretty awesome, and the video is a must-see.)

(There are plenty of things to do and see in the summer, but not a lot to report on yet. JP and Nathan had to come up now b/c JP is in law school and his semester is really heating up starting right now. I really don’t think anyone should come until after the flood.)

2) Are your roommate’s friends cool? No. They are boring. Lame. Awkward. Not unable-to-hold-a-conversation awkward, but (and I say this in a loving way) music-department-in-high-school awkward.** I’m happy to hang out with different people, absolutely, but they’re not a group I can integrate myself into. (Also, two of the group are married and have two kids, a toddler and preschooler. Which means the couple only talks to each other the whole night and the kids run around screaming, hurting themselves, and being distracting. Which is fine to a point, I guess, but not when I was emotionally involved in the last 7 minutes of the Super Bowl.)


** I was, and remain, a proud member of the music department club. Some of my best friends from high school came from band and other programs in that wing of the building. But imagine those people 10 years later, who haven’t changed. I like to think I’ve changed. My roommate’s friends speech patterns and devotion to a single topic of conversation are remarkably similar to those I knew.


One response to “Blogging like it’s my job

  1. music-department-in-high-school awkward…I love those people, oboe players and bassonists are my fave

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