Reacquainting myself with TV

I’m going to use bullet points to try to keep this short, since I have no images to share today.

1) Growing up, we could only watch TV Fri-Sun (except the news). We did not have cable, and still don’t.

2) In college I shared a TV with 35 other women.

3) In grad school I had cable, and didn’t know what to do with it. But I would gladly watch whatever was on (usually Biggest Loser and Girls Next Door).

4) When living with Nick we had a TV set up with bunny ears/digital box for special occasions (football when the Vikes were doing well, or Glee).

5) My last apt in Mpls did not have TV.

6) My current apt comes with free cable. Again, I don’t know what to do about this. We have the smallest TV possible, so it’s hard to see from too far away. And it’s not a real communal “let’s gather round” environment, since we only have one smallish couch.

7) That being said, I’m scheduling special TV time tonight to watch the NOVA behind the scenes documentary of Watson, IBM’s computer that is facing off in Jeopardy next week.

8) I have now lived for several months off Hulu — do I need to get into a regular TV viewing schedule again? Glee and Friday Night Lights are always available the next morning…



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