Weekend of the Valentine

It seems like this weekend is completely devoted to spending time with Jeff. Since I will be at puppy class with my other valentine on Monday, we’ve made sure to pack the weekend full of lovely events.

We finally used my Christmas present to Jeff by going to the Gopher Hockey game. I know Christmas was almost two months ago, but Feb 11th was our best option.

Tonight Jeff and I will be celebrating V-day at Murray’s Steakhouse. I took advantage of the 365 Deals deal that Murray’s had a few weeks back. I’m pretty excited about this.

This year was the first year I utterly failed in my attempt for Jeff’s Valentine Treat. In the past I’ve done red velvet cake (with the help of Martha), chocolate chip cookie bars, and this year was going to be PB Cookies. Jeff loves PB cookies. In my defense I think I’ve made them once before, and the new recipe I was using was complete crap. Good news though, I still have two more days to find a rock-star recipe!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!


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