One fail, one major win, one good weekend.

Excellent weekend. Except for where Moorhead State, the city of Moorhead and the city of Fargo all denied us cross country skiing and/or ice skating on Saturday.

BUT! The night was saved by making Butter Chicken, as discovered at Kat’s blog. It was delicious! Although the sauce was too watery — the recipe did not call for draining the diced tomatoes, but that is what I would recommend. We had leftovers for lunch today, adding vegetables. Any meat dish like that can be improved with vegetables. Nick was practically drooling all weekend over the meal — I highly recommend it.

Saturday night was spent at a couple of bars, the dive bar downtown ($2.95 for import bottles) followed by a more high-energy place down by the mall to see a band I saw last weekend. Fargo had been experiencing power outages all day, which included a couple stoplights on the way down there — no blinking red lights, no lights at all. Kind of scary when you don’t know  a region very well.

On Sunday we went to the USA Curling Championships, currently underway here in Fargo. We talked with volunteers and spectators who gave us lots of great information on the sport. We sat right in front of Team Fenson, from Bemidji. Fenson is basically curling royalty, and he was definitely the most intimidating guy out there.

On Monday I left work at noon so we could go cross country skiing at Maplelag in Callaway, MN. I spent 8 summers in the 1990s there as part of Concordia Language Villages and was really excited to go back. I was afraid that with the warm temps the trails would be in lousy condition, but they had been recently groomed and it wasn’t too soft at all. My thighs are still sore. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun.

For dinner I got us reservations at the HoDo in downtown Fargo. But I didn’t do my research and we discovered upon arrival that they were doing a 7-course prix fixe menu. Surprised but not scared off, we dove in. It was very impressive. Sadly, our entrees were not the highlight of the meal. I really enjoyed the slow cooked arctic char and beet risotto.

Nick won’t be back here until August at the soonest (long story) so I was glad to show him around and give him some visuals for the places I spend my time in FM. Check out my pictures on Facebook!

I am having an incredibly productive evening tonight. I hope that carries through to tomorrow at work.



3 responses to “One fail, one major win, one good weekend.

  1. I love that you made the Butter Chicken – SUCH a delicious surprise.

    And for what it’s worth, entrees aren’t usually the highlight of our dinners out either.

  2. I love curling…

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