Cookbook time

For Christmas, my brother got me America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook. My lifestyle right now has the perfect components that allow me to take the time to try new things: I know next to no one here, I have no major commitments, I have flexible evening hours, and I don’t have a boyfriend around to distract me. So I really have no excuse to hop my way through the book, Julie/Julia-style (not that I would ever subject you to that, of course).

I already tried a chickpea cake (pattie) that turned out pretty well. Tonight was a homemade chicken noodle soup. Of course, when my mom makes it, she uses the remnants of a whole chicken, creating her own broth in the process. Sorry Mom, I used canned broth. It turned out very well, was surprisingly simple, although it needed more vegetables.

For my Old Ladies Sewing Club on Friday night I am going to try a cake incorporating peaches (frozen, alas). Even though my baking tends to shy away from cakes in favor of breads and cookies, I am optimistic!

I do feel a little guilt though, since so much of what I make can’t be eaten by my roommate. She is lactose-intolerant and pretty strict about it. Here I am, cooking up a storm every few weeks, and she has to suffer through the yummy smells without being able to eat it.



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