Is it Friday Yet?

Hasn’t this week been the most beautiful and longest week in the history of 2011? I swear I’ve managed to think it was Friday at least 4 different times this week. Really, it was Wednesday…I digress.

While I’m sure everyone reading had a romantic and/or fun-filled V-day, mine was spent staying away from the angst that is a grad-student trying to complete his thesis. V-day was clearly memorable.

Our pre-V day activities made up for this fact though. Murray’s was amazing and trip to 1975. If you haven’t been before, the atmosphere speaks for its self.

Tuesday was spent getting my hair did. My stylist at Aveda Institute referred to it as Alicia Sliverstone circa “Clueless”. I’m not sure how I feel about this comment but the haircut is perfectly normal and I’m pleased.

Otherwise my week has been filled with playing with Riley in what little snow we have left. Riley doesn’t quiet understand the concept of grass, and it might be an interesting spring. If anyone is ever in the mood for giving an adorable dog a bath just let know!


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