Shopping in North Dakota: A Guide

The West Acres Shopping Mall is the big mall for the whole region. A big chunk of MN, ND, SD, and several folks from Manitoba and even Alberta come to shop there. Then why in the name of all that is holy do they not open until NOON on Sundays? Folks need to be able to make the 4+ hour drive back to their homes after making the most of their shopping experience. I assume they only come every 4-6 months, and intend to spend a whole day shopping. But how can you do that if they don’t open till noon? (The food court opens at 11am. Generous.) Maybe this is their way of ensuring that everyone (incl store employees) goes to church in the morning first.

The mall has a distinct decorating vibe of “used to be Ridgedale c. 1994 but has since upgraded to Eden Prairie Mall c. 2003.” As such, there are comfortable lounge areas to relax (usually occupied by men). In addition to some photographs and minor art by local artists, there are — get this — book shelves, complete with books of “regional interest” that folks can browse while waiting for their wives group to finish up.

But of course, I had forgotten the biggest reason not to shop in North Dakota: the dreaded sales tax on clothing. Sigh. Looks like I need more quality time at the MOA to take care of everything I tried to buy today.



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