Strength Training Update

Our usual instructor has been in Mexico for the past 3 weeks and when she returns she is having a knee replacement-yes, I said knee replacement. She plans to be back in 3 weeks. So we’ve had fitness guru subs.

The first sub was just the right amount of perky and peppy. We worked our arm and shoulder muscles for 70minutes of a 90minute class. I couldn’t lift my fork at dinner.  She was the first and last instructor that understands the current technology. She can run an ipod and doesn’t rely on skipping CD’s. Glorious.

The new sub is an older woman as well. I would say that I didn’t get a super work-out but we did a lot of yoga and pilates (which I love). The instructor reminds me of Chris Houston, as a 50- year old woman. Seriously, I’m not even kidding.

One thing I do miss about our original instructor is the meditation portion. Apparently, this hasn’t been passed along in the lesson plan notes.


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