Love it.

I haven’t done this in a while, and well let’s be honest I haven’t been the best blogger on the block.

*Girl Scout Cookies: I’m a huge believer in Samoas and the newest kind, Dulce de Leche.

*Top Chef. This has to be my favorite Reality Competition Show (next to Project Runway). I haven’t missed a quick fire yet. This season it’s all about the favorite losers of past seasons. Go Mike Isabella!! I so badly want his gnocchi.

*Rice Crispy treat mix-ins. In one week Jeff and I have made rice crispy treats with nutella and peanut butter. It’s easy. You make the normal rice crispy treat recipe and add 1/4-1/2 cup of the delicious smoothness. Add it to the marshmallow goo before mixing with the cereal. We’ve been adding chocolate on top, but that’s not completely necessary.

*Wine. Okay, pretty obvious. I really owe you all a post about wine, but I have fallen in love with having it delivered in the mail. Thanks to Groupon I’ve become quite obsessed.

*Magazine Subscriptions.  My current count just tripled due to another deal from Dealstork. I’m now the proud holder of Vogue and Fitness.

Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I literally do put that Sh*t on everything.


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