Home Alone

My roommate is on spring break in New Mexico this week. Totally jealous. But it’s giving me the opportunity to live on my own again. And in the process I’m learning something about myself: I prefer living solo.

Oh, don’t be silly — I definitely prefer living with Nicholas. But sans boyfriend, I’d rather be alone.

Or maybe even that’s wrong… maybe if I lived with friends, that’d be better than living alone.

But this whole “living with near strangers and needing to tiptoe around to ensure politeness and a bunnies-and-rainbows environment” is tricky, and getting old.

I have had some truly excellent roommates. Martha, Jenna, my ones in NJ (*sniff*), and Nick. I’ve also had spectacularly awful roommates (our two month subleaser in NJ). This current one falls smack dab in the middle. It’s quite impressive how inoffensive she is in every single way.

Anyways, she graduates in May and I think she’ll be moving out at that point. I am contemplating getting my own place. Weeding out a good, new roommate isn’t a fun process. But I know it’s generally a bad idea, since I know no one here and I need to keep from going crazy. And Andrew absolutely refuses to help me move again (for good reason!). But I’m really enjoying this week to myself.

Several friends, including Kelly, have Android phones. Now Nick has one. I covet covet covet so badly…!


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