Yet another cooking reboot

I get excited about cooking every few weeks, and then it dies off. I wish I had a prolonged interest and ability in it, but I know I could be doing more. Like I said earlier, now’s the time to experiment and try new things, right?

This was further reinforced this evening. The old ladies sewing group is a potluck, so it forces me to cook. I decided to make a rum cake. It turned out amazing. Yum. Very proud of myself. Since it makes a rather large bundt pan’s worth, I immediately put half of it in the freezer.

Which is when I realized: my freezer is totally full. Of baked goods.

Several bags of oatmeal scones. A (dwindling) supply of cookies. Leftover waffles. Pretzels. And now this bundt cake. All homemade, all frozen.

Nothing wrong with that, but I could certainly do for some variety, right? I REALLY (no, seriously guys) need to start cooking real dinners. No more of this frozen carb deliciousness.


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