Ticking time bomb

Everyone’s been talking about it for weeks, but it is finally getting real: the flood is upon us. This past week had temps in the mid-30s, so there was a lot of melting. But this Monday into Tuesday we are getting a rain/snow storm. In fact, weather.com was giving me warnings about this storm on Saturday morning, which is pretty unusual. So the weather by itself will be bad. However, with a high of 25 on Tuesday, it’ll be back to being pretty cold. While snow at the end of March generally isn’t terrible, it is really bad for river conditions. The storm will give us snow, but further south will be rain. Since the river comes from south to north… free flowing water running up against a frozen blockage in its path… yeah, it’s the perfect conditions for a flood, and EXACTLY what happened in 2009 for the highest flood on record.

I feel I am going to need some dramatic movie music to accompany my posts this week.


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