Expanding my horizons

The cooking expedition has been called off temporarily, since I totally forgot I’m headed to NJ this week. (It was such a long time coming that I felt it would never get here.)

I’ve been reading a wider range of books since I got up here, most recently “Love in the Time of Cholera” which was terrific (except the last two pages, I admit). Along with “Blindness” from last summer, I have decided that I really need to read more Latin/Iberian fiction.

But now I must expand my horizons in a different way: DVD viewing. Since I am not a cinephile like Kelly, I know I am severely behind in watching significant movies. I scanned the offerings at the library today, which along with rom-coms and other nonsense, included titles like “The Reader.” So that will definitely happen.

But more immediately: They have a season of “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman.” This is mandatory viewing up here. How can I get the full desolation-and-teepees experience without it? I know it’s actually based in Colorado, but I will treat it as pure North Dakota history.

The library also has what looks like the entire series of “Foyle’s War.” I only ever saw a couple of episodes, but I remember loving it, so I will absolutely watch as many of those as possible. I highly recommend it to all your Netflix queues.


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